Albus Potter

Played by actor Arthur Bowen, Albus Severus Potter is named after Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore, two fantastic wizards. He is Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley's son and is one of their three children. He has one sister, Lily Luna Potter and one brother, James Sirius Potter. Rose and Hugo, Ron and Hermione's children ar ehis cousins. He starts his his first year at Hogwarts with Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley.

When starting at Hogwarts, he had a desire to not be in Slytherin and was retorting to his brother's protests that he was going to be in Slytherin. His father said that he was named after two great headmasters of Hogwarts and one of them was in Slytherin and probably the bravest man he knew. He also told him if it really matters to him he could ask the sorting not to put him into Slytherin as that had happened to him.

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